Agile Business Analyst Contract – Planixs GRP Limited TA BrightBox Group

Agile Business Analyst to help deliver a challenging programme. A skilled business analyst is required to support the client in delivering a supportable and sustainable solution. The programme follows Agile principles, with a continuous integration pipeline and regular incremental releases.

The programme requires the Business Analysts to be cleared to Security Check (SC) level. As such, the programme will require all applicants to undergo a security check.
Key responsibilities
*Work with the Buyer’s appointed Product Owner to define the overall requirement for any given product
*Lead the team in exploring and capturing the requirements for the solution to be delivered and supporting the Product Owner in defining and articulating the proposed solution
*Assist the Product Owner to prioritise and select stories from the product backlog and answer questions raised by the delivery team during planning
*Challenge historical analyst traits of understanding the entire problem before delivering product by ensuring that design and analysis work is suitable for the intended purpose; focusing on just enough analysis to guide the output required at that stage
*Identify and document product features through (not exhaustively) interviews, workshops, site visits and user research analysis
*Create and elaborate user stories and user journeys/process maps in conjunction with the Product Owner and subject matter experts
*Assists the Buyer’s Product Owner and Business Change Analyst in creating stories to support the implementation of the change into the business, covering for instance: on-screen help and incorporating guidance into the product
*Assists the Buyer’s Product Owner, Business Change Analyst and Training Lead in identifying training needs and understanding how best to meet them.
*Use reasonable endeavours to capture non-functional requirements as constraints on the product backlog.
*Working with developers and testers, create acceptance criteria to allow the client to assess whether the product is fit for purpose.
*Produce backlogs suitable and at an appropriate level of quality for the stage (discovery/alpha/beta/live)
*Strengthen the quality of the product through generating requirements, creating acceptance criteria, and supporting system and acceptance testing.
*Support the Product Owner to ensure that the solution fulfils the requirements through continual review and guidance to allow the client to assess whether the final product not only meets quality standards but is also fit for purpose.
Required Skills
The following software development skills are required:
*Worked with Agile methods
*Experienced with Stakeholder management
*Able to embed in dev teams and able to create/refine technical user story as well as non-functional requirements
*Running workshops if required.


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